The Sydney Opera House Is Bringing Music, Education, and More to Your Living Room (Video)

You can watch an opera or learn from artists about their creative processes.

If you’ve already run through your entire Netflix queue, it’s time to branch out for some more enriching entertainment.

Much like The Globe Theater and the Metropolitan Opera, the famous Sydney Opera House has announced it will be bringing its full-length performances, talks, never-before-seen footage, podcasts, long-form articles, and behind-the-scenes content online for anyone to stream around the world.

As more people are going into voluntary (or, in some places, mandatory) quarantine in an effort to combat coronavirus, many are looking for some unique ways to pass all the extra time they have now that they’re not commuting or going out.

If you’re an opera lover, you can finally experience amazing performances from the Sydney Opera House right from your laptop, computer, or mobile device. And the best part is that it will be absolutely free.

New content will be released on the Sydney Opera House website every day from Wednesday to Sunday every week, starting on April 1 at 6 p.m. AEDT (Australian Eastern Daylight Time). New weekly schedules will be announced on Tuesdays.

“While we cannot welcome audiences to live performances in our venues, we are committed to offering the best in arts, culture and entertainment, as we have since opening in 1973,” said Sydney Opera House CEO Louise Herron AM said in a statement. “The difference is that, while the doors are closed, we will be doing it online – from our House to yours.”

Sydney Opera House lit under the moon
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The first week kicks off with a recorded live concert from singer-songwriter Missy Higgins, to be released on April 1. There will also be a wide array of content to be released between April 1 and April 5.

On Thursday, the Opera House will release a conversation with writer and artist Chanel Miller, discussing her memoir, "Know My Name." On Friday, you can access a recording of Australia’s annual First Nations dance competition, Dance Rites 2019. On Saturday, take in the powerful music from Beethoven’s "Ninth Symphony," and on Sunday, you can tune in to a conversation with award-winning writers from shows like Rosehaven, Please Like Me, Community, and Rick & Morty as they discuss the process of creating characters, developing plot lines, and dealing with deadlines. More content will be announced next week.

“I hope this new digital program from the Opera House, a national symbol of creativity, will connect, inspire and comfort people around the world during this challenging time,” Herron added.

More information can be found on the Sydney Opera House website.

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