The perfectly curated playlist for your next workout.

By Andrea Romano
July 09, 2020

A good workout needs a good playlist, and now Spotify is going to find you the perfect tunes to pump you up.

On Wednesday, Spotify released its new Soundtrack Your Workout quiz, which combines your musical tastes (based on your Spotify listening habits) and your workout style to create the perfect playlist.

The quiz asks a number of questions in order to create your personalized playlist, including how long you plan to work out, what type of workout you’re doing, intensity level, what genre of music you listen to, and more. You can even get a healthy mix of music and podcasts.

“In the last two months, Spotify listeners have created more than 1 million playlists with ‘workout’ in the title, so it’s clear users are on the hunt for new tunes to add to their fitness mixes,” it says in a statement from Spotify.

Side view of happy woman looking at smart phone while listening music exercising at a park
Credit: Getty Images/Cavan Images RF

The quiz also asks you your “workout vibe,” which means if you’re looking for music that makes you want to dance, something a little more zen, or something a little more inspirational to get you motivated. It’s also available in several languages, including English (globally), Spanish (Latin America), Portuguese (Brazil), and Japanese (Japan).

“Music keeps me moving and it keeps my tempo high, where I need it to be — making Spotify a critical piece to my workouts.” said Corey Calliet, a fitness trainer, in the statement from Spotify. “I never thought I’d be able to get a customized playlist that fits my workout and my vibe in less time than it takes to grab my water and get out the door.”

And the workout playlist will sync up with your desktop or phone app once the quiz is done, so it’s easy to just take the quiz, put in your headphones, and get moving. You can also create multiple playlists for different types of workouts you’re doing, whether it’s running, biking, weight lifting, yoga, or some other fitness routine.

More information about the quiz can be found on the Spotify blog, or take the quiz for yourself on the Soundtrack Your Workout interactive website.