OK Go would—their new music video features the band dancing and generally goofing off while floating above Russia in an airplane sans gravity.

February 11, 2016
Courtesy of OkGo/Facebook

There's a lot to love about OK Go's new music video for the song "Upside Down & Inside Out." Zero gravity is heavily involved, there's a casual paint balloon fight, the acrobatics are quite smooth for Earth-bound musicians, the flight attendant uniforms are stunning, and it fulfills all of our wildest dreams of goofing around in a near-empty airplane. According to Rolling Stone, the band had to undergo three weeks of training at ROSCOSMOS (the Russian version of our NASA). Russia's S7 Airlines provided the plane, and took the musicians up to zero gravity levels above Russia. In short, everything you're seeing is actually real.

So, for all of you space aficionados who need something to tide you over until Virgin Galactic becomes a readily available, watch along as OK Go lives out your fantasy (or nightmare):

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