By Erika Owen
August 17, 2016
Britney Spears at VMAs (so hopefully you weren't expecting to see her in Vegas that night)
Credit: Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images

Britney Spears has just been announced as one of this year's MTV VMA performances—her first appearance on the award show in a decade.

The performance on Sunday, August 28, will be her first performance highlighting her new album “Glory,” which is due to release on August 26.

Spears has performed at the VMAs five times before. Her appearances have been a mix of shocking (remember that kiss with Madonna?), risky (that time in 2001 when she danced with an albino Burmese python), and fashion-forward (going from a tuxedo to a nude and completely bedazzled body suit in 2000).

Tickets to the VMAs are not easy to come by, so we suggest tuning in at home, or, even better, staking out a prime viewing spot at a bar near New York City's Madison Square Garden to at least feel close to the action. (Fun fact: It's the first time it's being held at this location). You never know who you might run into post-show.

Erika Owen is the Senior Audience Engagement Editor at Travel + Leisure. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @erikaraeowen.