Music is the beat of the world. “La Traviata” at La Scala, “Candela” in Havana’s open air cafes, “Peony Pavilion” in Beijing: music echoes place, and is often essential to experiencing it.What is Berlin without electronic music, New Orleans without jazz? Travel + Leisure’s writers and editors train their ears to the music — unmissable recordings, unforgettable live performances, essential genres, vibrant traditions — that makes each place unique. Whether you want to score tickets to the opera or spend all night at the hottest club, The T+L team has their fingers on the pulse. Travel + Leisure’s music coverage goes beyond single events and broad trends. We’ll teach you how to get into Berlin’s infamously exclusive Berghain nightclub, and point you in the direction of the best place to hear live music in Dakar.We’ll answer all of your profound questions at the intersection of travel and music, too, like which Tropicalia albums should you to listen to before a trip to Brazil? And what’s the largest gamelan orchestra in Ubud?For more practical advice, our editors and writers will teach you how to find free summer concerts in New York City — and tell you the best time of year to see a performance at Sydney’s opera house.What’s the real history of mariachi? What are the top karaoke spots in Tokyo? Where can you find the best buskers in Galway? What should you wear to Glastonbury Festival? (Or the Newport Folk Festival for that matter?) Where should you go dancing in Las Vegas? What’s the science behind Tibetan throat singing? What is Beyoncé doing at any given moment — and where? Easy to transport across borders but deeply evocative of place, music is both an easy way to experience the world from your earbuds as well as a useful guide to cities and countries on the ground. Across genres, media, cultures, and geography, T+Lwill help you find the best venues, stay up on the latest trends, discover new (or underlooked) artists, plan the perfect musical outing on an upcoming trip — or stumble upon a new soundtrack for life at home.
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