By Erika Owen
September 16, 2015
Credit: Getty Images

Oktoberfest is right around the corner—the annual beer fest kicks off on September 19th in Munich—and people around the world are preparing to face the massive (and mostly drunken) crowds. After spending the day and night drinking some of the world's best beer, there's no better feeling than coming back to a space you can call your own. While Munich may be quite a trek for many, the city offers some pretty stunning vacation rentals. We scoured Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO, and Wimdu for the best of the best.

Credit: VRBO

For the Eclectic Group

There's no one genre of design this rental fits under with its artfully mix-matched dining room chairs, marble pillared archways, and distressed wood kitchen. The 3.5-room apartment was built in 1937 and renovated in 2012, meaning you get the throwback charm without sacrificing any modern amenities. The rental has a seven-night stay minimum and costs $116 per night, but that just means you get to spend more time at Oktoberfest. Read more about it on HomeAway.

Credit: Airbnb

For the Family

Heading to Oktoberfest with the kids in tow? No problem. This rental is fully equipped for entertaining even the most restless of tots. The four-person loft has a nursery stocked with toys and a changing table—you can even rent bikes (with child seating!) for an extra fee to explore the neighborhood. Pricing: $349 per night with a two night minimum. Read more about it on Airbnb.

Credit: Airbnb

For Those Looking to Get Away from the Crowd

Munich's beer halls offer more than enough socializing—if you're looking for some quiet time post-brewfest, head out to Marienplatz. This one-bedroom rental even offers a limousine service to local clubs and restaurants, if you're looking for some quieter entertainment. Free parking, in-unit washer/dryer, and wireless Internet comes with the $326 nightly fee. Read more about it on Airbnb.

Credit: Airbnb

For Those Traveling with a Pet

Not only is this rental pet-friendly, but you're a short tram ride away from the main Oktoberfest activity. The biggest perk? Electric blinds, meaning you don't even have to get up to greet the morning Munich sunshine. Grab this lost for $111 per night (with no minimum stay!). Read more about it on Airbnb.

Credit: VRBO

For the View-Conscious

This penthouse is the perfect way to take in the Oktoberfest crowds—and the Alps—from afar (and above) after you've turned in for the night. The best part: It's within walking distance to all of the festivities. The ten-person space comes with a $454-per-night pricetag—not bad when you split it up. Read more about it on VRBO.

Credit: Wimdu

For the Design Enthusiast

Every inch of this home keeps an eye toward clean design—even the kids rooms. It gets better: There's a backyard with a trampoline (not recommended for post-drinking jumping). The three-bedroom, three-floor home ccan be rented for $137 per night. Read more about it on Wimdu.

Credit: VRBO

For the Budget-Conscious

This garden house apartment rental in one word: cozy. Thanks to its top-floor location, golden light flows into all of the spcae's rooms. The terrace off of the main bedroom is perfect for planning the day's Oktoberfest activities over a cup of coffee. Rental fee: Get the entire top floor of the Garden House for $281 per night (it sleeps five). Read more about it on HomeAway.