By Erika Owen
June 12, 2015
Credit: © Chan Shu Kai/Corbis

Seems that some people just didn’t learn from the unfortunate tourists who made the mistake of dropping their pants at Angkor Wat. Last month, a group of 10 tourists stripped down to for an impromptu nude photo shoot atop Malaysia’s Mount Kinabalau in Borneo. According to the local indigenous people, this rowdy group was also the cause of a recent 5.9 magnitude earthquake at the site that killed 18 people on May 30th. The locals believe that the tourists “angered the spirit” of the mountain, resulting in the natural disaster.

Four of the tourists—one British woman, two Canadian brothers, and a Dutch woman—have been detained, but the area’s police force is determined to find the remaining six. “Yes, we are still searching for the other six tourist, and we will catch them,” were the Sabah police commissioner’s exact words. Legal proceedings are currently underway for the four being held for the crime.

The tourists’ lawyer, Ronny Cham, requested that they be held separately from local offenders due to the belief that they caused the recent quake. Cham’s words: “People are laying blame on them for offending the mountain. There is a lot of stupidity involved, and unfortunately politicians have jumped on the bandwagon to condemn them for causing the earthquake, which is ridiculous.”

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