By Melissa Locker
December 21, 2015
Courtesy of The Billboard Creative

Artist Mona Kuhn wants to stop traffic with art. Now, the photographer known for large-scale nudes has teamed up with L.A. arts organization The Billboard Creative (TBC) to do just that.

Kuhn curated TBC’s second public art show, which transformed 33 of the billboards that loom over the streets of Los Angeles. The show began on December 1, and will go until the end of the year.

Courtesy of The Billboard Creative

This year’s selection of artists include art world heavyweights Ed Ruscha and Shane Guffogg, as well as rising stars like Panos Tsagaris and Kim McCarty. For the project, TBC partners with companies that rent outdoor ad space and fund the rentals with submission fees from artists interested in displaying their work across the city, according to LAist. Kuhn sifted through the submissions to decide which works to feature on the billboards.

Her selections will sit at some of the city’s major intersections until the end of the year. That means when you’re stuck in traffic on Sunset and Vine; Beverly and Laurel; or Hollywood and Western—and other sites across Los Angeles—you’ll have something more exciting to look at than bumper stickers.

In 2014, TBC used 15 billboards to display the work of contemporary artists, this year they’ve more than doubled that amount. To make the art easier to track down, TBC has partnered with the ArtMoi Public app to create a mobile map of all the billboards, or you can check out some of the work on Billboard Creative's Instagram.

Courtesy of The Billboard Creative