Learn Skills From Gordon Ramsay, Christina Aguilera, and Simone Biles This Weekend While You're at Home (Video)

Now is the perfect time to hone a new skill.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, more people are staying indoors to practice social distancing. That means we have more time than ever to master those skills we keep putting off, and thanks to the Internet, there are countless ways to try something new right now.

Gordon Ramsey
Courtesy of MasterClass

Whether you want to learn how to make pasta from an Italian grandmother, take a virtual tour of a museum you've always dreamt of visiting, or finally start speaking a new language, there are plenty of options online.

Christina Aguilera
Courtesy of MasterClass

If you prefer to be schooled by a celebrity, consider Masterclass, which gives you access to expert instructors in over 80 video classes, so you can learn about a variety of topics (science, technology, cooking and baking, among others) from the comfort of your living room. Ever wanted to learn cooking from Gordon Ramsay? How about gymnastics from Simone Biles? Now is the perfect time to start.

Missing travel? Bring home the flavors of your favorite destinations with a class in French pastry from famed chef and Cronut creator Dominique Ansel, or take a lesson in modern Italian cooking from Massimo Bottura, known for his Michelin-starred food. You could even prepare for your next adventure with photography classes from Annie Leibovitz and Jimmy Chin — your travel photos will be taken to a whole new level.

Feeling sluggish during the lockdown? You're not alone. Exercise is so important right now to maintain your physical and mental health. Get moving with ballet taught by Misty Copeland, basketball taught by Steph Curry, or tennis taught by Serena Williams.

Simone Biles
Courtesy of MasterClass

Other classes include comedy with Steve Martin, singing with Christina Aguilera, self-expression and authenticity with RuPaul, makeup with Bobbi Brown, and interior design with Kelly Wearstler — the newest addition to the class lineup.

A subscription to Masterclass costs $180 and offers access to every single class; single classes are $90. The classes are all online, so you can start whenever you want using mobile apps, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV.

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