By Erika Owen
August 13, 2015
Credit: © ROBERT Jean/Hemis/Corbis

Lake Baikal, located in Russia's Southern Siberia, is a lot of things: the largest freshwater lake by volume, the deepest, and the clearest in the world. While the first two distinctions are easy to visualize, the third is is most believable once the lake freezes through. As you can see in the picture, the ice formations underneath the surface are easily seen across the basin. But there's something else that happens when Lake Baikal freezes over: It becomes a musical instrument.

A group of percussionists from Irkutsk—one of the largest cities in Sibera—tried their hands at turning the peaks of ice protruding from the frozen basin into a tunemaker of sorts. This is something you won't want to miss:

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