Kayak at Work Tool
Credit: Getty Images

Finding the time to plan a trip during the week can be tough, so travel website Kayak created a new version of its desktop website called Kayak At Work.

The new design mimics a typical spreadsheet, making it appear as though the viewer is busy crunching away at numbers while searching the sight’s hotel and flight options.

The company created the new design after tapping into its search history from January through March of this year and finding that 57 percent of Americans were looking at vacation options during the workday, with searches peaking between 11 a.m. and noon. Kayak also found that 66 percent of the searches were on desktop.

Credit: Courtesy of Kayak

“Today, we’re more connected to work than ever, so it’s no surprise that people check items off their to-do list during the workday — and that includes travel planning,” David Solomito, the vice president of Kayak’s North America Marketing told Travel + Leisure. “We created Kayak At Work to help people search for travel covertly – and look more productive while doing it.”

Customers can see flight and hotel options all displayed in the spreadsheet fields.

The cars, packages, and train tabs will send you back to Kayak’s main desktop website.