By Erika Owen
February 22, 2016
Credit: YouTube

You can very literally travel around the world without stepping a foot outside of China, thanks to the country's "One City, Nine Towns" initiative. The world's most populous country has another replica to add to this list: Jackson Hole, China—complete with awe-inspiring mountain vistas, log cabins aplenty, and more mounted taxidermy than you're likely to find anywhere else in the country. The biggest difference is that you won't find any skiing opportunities at China's take on the American destination.

Credit: YouTube

With more than 1,500 homes, the area was first intended to serve as a weekend getaway for nearby Beijing residents looking to get some time away from the big city. But the town quickly became a meeting area for cowboy culture vultures looking to get a taste of the Wild, Wild West in the East, with many people making Jackson Hole, China their permanent home. Great Big Story recently paid the town a visit. Take a peek:

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