By Cailey Rizzo
February 10, 2020
Credit: Courtesy of Joe Doucet

A jet that resembles the sleek design possibly preferred by Bond villains might actually become one of the most environmentally friendly ways to travel.

The innovative and uniquely-shaped Her0 Zero Emissions Passenger Plane could be the airplane of the future.

If you were to see it flying overhead, it would look a bit like a skewed “T” as the wings are shifted to the back of the aircraft and finished by upturned winglets. Electric-powered propellers at the rear provide the thrust to keep the plane in motion. The unique shape might just overturn the aviation industry.

Credit: Courtesy of Joe Doucet
Credit: Courtesy of Joe Doucet

Because the plane is powered by electric propellers and not fuel engines, air travel could be a bit slower than what’s currently in the skies — but the tradeoff would be travel with zero carbon emissions.

The jet is still just a concept but designer Joe Doucet says he’s been approached by aviation engineers to help make the zero-emissions plane a reality. "If you can make this something that is desirable, something that makes people question why it's not there, you have a better chance of forcing the hand of industry to respond to consumer demand," he told CNN.

The concept follows a trend of searching for more environmentally-friendly versions of flight. The global aviation industry produces about two percent of all human carbon dioxide emissions, according to the Air Transport Action Group.

In December, the world’s first fully-electric commercial flight took off in Canada. It operated for about 15 minutes before safely landing. And Airbus is working on developing electric aircraft, too. Last year, the manufacturer revealed an electric plane design, inspired by birds of prey.