Flavor Paper Launches Travel-Inspired Wallpaper
Courtesy of Flavor Paper/ Boone Speed

We’re calling it: paint is out, dynamically papered walls are in. The folks at Flavor Paper—the Brooklyn-based print lab turning out some of the world’s most interesting patterns right now—have taken things a step further with a new collection of travel-inspired photo murals. A collaboration with photographer and adventurer Boone Speed, the Superscape series transforms his outdoor panoramic images into indoor wall coverings that are fit to print (and sized and scaled to order).

We love the range of subjects, from a dusk-lit Manhattan skyline taken at Brooklyn’s Wythe Hotel to an adrenaline-rushing shot of the Killers surf break in Todos Santos, Mexico. It’s wall-to-wall inspiration.

Corina Quinn is a research assistant at Travel + Leisure. Follow her @corinaquinn.