The best way to take a vacation without ever leaving home? Following #FromWhereIDrone on Instagram.
Drone Hikes
Credit: Simon Straetker

If Instagram has taught us anything, it's that the scene is always prettier a couple hundred feet (or thousands) in the air. Some recent action on the #FromWhereIDrone hashtag on the app has been reminding us just how pretty our surroundings can be. The hashtag first hit Instagram feeds in 2014, since gaining more than 10,000 followers.

Looking to get in on the drone photography game? Photographer Dirk Dallas—the grammer behind the first #FromWhereIDrone photos—recently shared some advice with DailyMail: "First get an inexpensive drone so that you can get the hang of flying something in the air remotely and get some of the crashes out of the way before having an accident with something really expensive. For those who want to just jump right in with a fantastic drone that features a great camera then I would recommend the DJI Phantom 3."

Until then, spend some time checking out what other people have done, from Texas to South Africa: