Welcome back to The Friday Download, T+L’s weekly roundup of books, music, and internet culture that promises to carry you through the weekend, whether your itinerary is jam-packed with travel or you’re staying put, staycation style. This week: a must-follow fashion illustrator, your guide to clever out-of-office replies, and more.

By Caroline Hallemann
August 28, 2015
Credit: Courtesy of STORY


Move over, street-style stars, illustrators are the new darlings of Instagram. And leading the pack is gaffer-tape using, giraffe-drawing, "sharpie-happy," Donald Robertson. Follow his account for bright, fashion-focused sketches, alongside adorable family photos.

Or, if you want to take things offline, New York readers can get an extra dose of the illustrator this summer at STORY. The concept shop, which coincides with the launch of Robertson's new children's book, Mitford at the Fashion Zoo, features collaborations with brands like Smashbox, Bow and Drape, and S'Well, and runs through New York Fashion Week.


"Fly" by Maddie & Tae

Maddie & Tae, the country group perhaps best known for the cheeky hit, "Girl in a Country Song" released their debut album today. And while the record's first single is fun, we have a different track on repeat: "Fly." A welcomed contrast to the often testosterone-heavy country airwaves, "Fly" showcases the female duo's lush harmonies and offers listeners a sweet, slow sound to take them into the weekend. Check out the acoustic version below, then head to iTunes.com to download the whole album. Oh, and turn it way up when you're seat-mate starts to hog the armrest.


The Art of the Out-of-Office Reply

In preparation for your Labor Day getaway, contemplate a clever Out-of-Office à la publicist Paul Bogaards's “OOOOB. EWR > ARN (akvavit, gravlax, lingonberries). + blondes (!) Will be looking at email intermittently. Maggie is here (ready, responsive),” or author Mallory Ortberg's frank "nope." More over on nytimes.com.


You're Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)

Once you've planned your OOTO masterpiece, launch into an end-of-summer digital detox with a hardcopy of Felicia Day's memoir. The self-proclaimed “queen of the geeks,” treats readers to tales of growing up homeschooled in the South, how she coped with gaming addiction, and her rise to internet fame. Order a copy here.

Caroline Hallemann is the associate digital editor at Travel + Leisure. Follow her on Twitter at @challemann.