By Erika Owen
December 18, 2015
Walt Disney World
Credit: Getty Images

Touring Plans—a twitter account dedicated to sharing intel with travelers looking to visit a number of Walt Disney properties—recently uncovered an interesting retail trend within Walt Disney World: themed squirt guns and bubble blasters are being removed from shelves. The account marked several in-park shops and merchandise carts (the Buzz Lightyear Shop, Frontierland Mercantile, the Pirates of the Caribbean gift shop) that discontinued the sale of toy guns. Touring Plans also shared a bit of first-person insight on the park's move to install metal detectors.

disney bubble gun
Credit: Dulcop/ Disney

That being said, toy swords, lightsabers, and baseball bats were still seen around Disney World, accordin to the account—including the very same Buzz Lightyear toy that was taken away by the TSA from a 5-year-old traveler in Fort Lauderdale last month.

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