By Erika Owen
August 24, 2015
Credit: Getty Images

Late last week, Channel 4 News took a trip through Banksy's Dismaland. The "bemusement" park is far from any attraction you've ever seen, taking familiar tourist attractions and turning them completely upside-down all the while confronting controversial issues. (Just see for yourself.)

For those of you who can't make it to its location in Weston-super-Made before the the London-based graffiti artist's exhibit closes on September 27th, here are a few things you would see after paying the $4.25 ticket price.

Leave Your Unicorns At Home

Within seconds of enterting the security room, expect to hear this: "Any guns, grenades, or unicorns on you today?" If anything, this is an indication of the completely unpredictable experience to come.

A Whale Jumping Out of a Toilet

It may just be one of Banksy's new pieces, but it's a sight to be seen nonetheless. Banksy pulled together the work from 50 artists around the world (think: Damien Hirst and Jimmy Cauty) to display among 10 never-before-seen pieces of his own.

A Morbid Puppet Show Featuring the Words of Julie Burchill

This performance is far from the puppet shows you're used to seeing. Writer Julie Burchill wrote a script for what she and Banksy describe as a "modern Punch and Judy show"—a puppet act known for its unusual and generally violent storylines.

A Model of a Town After a Riot

Complete with 3,000+ police figurines standing amid flashing red and blue lights.

A Golf Course That Consistently Eats Your Ball

Inspired by the war over oil, this course features oil can tunnels and pipes that, more often than not, devour your golf ball—no matter how good (or terrible) the shot.

A Semi-Destroyed Dismaland Castle

Modeled after the famous Disneyland attraction, Dismaland's main sight is a fight-ravaged castle featuring a number of controversial pieces of work. Here's a taste: a crash scene featuring a Cinderella carriage with a princess strewn out the window and paparazzi swarming the .

An 'Exit Through the Gift Shop'

It wouldn't be a Banksy spectacle without a mention of his behind-the-scenes documentary with "Mr. Brainwash." And while there may not be a shopping opportunity past Dismaland's exit, what did you really expect?

Erika Owen is the Audience Engagement Editor at Travel + Leisure. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @erikaraeowen.