A guide to pot tourism in Denver.

The Colfax Pot Shop in Denver
Credit: Vince Chandler/Denver Post via Getty Images

As one of the states pioneering the recreational cannabis movement, there is now one more reason (including the Rocky Mountains) to head to the so-called Mile High City in Colorado.

Recreational marijuana was legalized in 2014, but pot tourism has only just started to take-off as a fully-realized industry. Grow sites and dispensaries have been a widely welcomed addition to the already beautiful landscape — and there are hundreds of guided tours, head shops, and even marijuana-friendly hotels designed with travelers in mind.

The state even has a cannabis hospitality company, Mary Jane Group, to put a green twist on the Bed & Breakfast. And tourists aiving in Denver might even find themselves greeted by professional “budtenders."

Travelers at least 21 years of age or older can explore the exciting new pot scene in Denver at one of these dispensaries, or by joining one of the guided tours.

Denver Dispensaries

Travelers seeking high-quality dispensaries in Denver have no shortage of options.

Euflora, on the 16th Street Mall, is a great first stop in the city — and still the only dispensary to date along this popular mile-long pedestrian walkway. Visitors can explore 6,000-square-feet of boutique retail space and learn about the brand's 100 strains, all grown locally in Denver.

The Green Solution is another popular dispensary, and has locations all across the city. The menu of edibles includes infused Stout Cakes, rainbow sherbet lozenges, and Indica S'more truffles.

Cannabis Tours

As the normalization of cannabis consumption continues, more organized and professional tour services are popping up across Colorado. My 420 Tours — the first legal tour company of its kind in North America — offers a diverse range of tours and classes, from a sushi, sake, and joint-rolling class to a private tour of dispensaries and grow houses.

Colorado Cannabis Tours is another tour operator offering assorted grow house tours and even glass-blowing demonstrations. The company also works closely with pot-friendly hotels to assist visitors during their stay.

Know Before You Go

Marijuana might be legal, but there are strict rules regulating the use and sale of the substance, just like tobacco and alcohol.

Don’t Smoke in Public or a in a Hotel

It is still not legal to use pot in public areas or in most hotels. Some hotels specify that they are 420-friendly (meaning you can smoke inside the rooms), but be sure to confirm before lighting up.

In 2015, the Lower Downtown neighborhood of Denver welcomed the first accommodations designed specifically for pot-users. (Think: CBD-infused lattes, living plant walls, and a basement Stereo Lounge.)

Don’t Leave the State With Cannabis

Whatever products are purchased in Colorado must be consumed prior to leaving the state. That's because while marijuana is legal, it's forbidden on airport property. So there's no way to take home pot souvenirs just yet.