By Stacey Leasca
May 06, 2020
A clear puzzle designed to look like shattered glass by YellDesign.
Credit: Courtesy of Yelldesign

Video games, virtual classes, online workouts, and binging TV shows are all great ways to stay occupied, but for some OG, off-screen entertainment, it doesn't get much better than a puzzle.

Puzzles are having a real moment in the spotlight, as people hunt for fun things to do at home while waiting out the spread of the coronavirus. And sure, there are plenty of travel-themed puzzles one could tackle to pass the time, but why not make things a little more interesting — and a whole lot more difficult — with a design that will completely blow your mind?

YellDesign has a brand-new puzzle titled The Accident. As the name suggests, the pattern resembles a broken pane of glass. That means, it’s both clear and comes with irregular pieces, making it extra-hard to finish.

“This is truly a one-of-a-kind puzzle,” YellDesign explains in the description. “Each line, angle, and connection was designed by hand, resulting in 215 unique and beautiful clear pieces. Hyper-challenging, The Accident is made from 3 mm. cast acrylic. The finished puzzle size is 585 mm. x 555 mm. Perfect for puzzlers that master shapes and patterns, this one starts easy and gets...progressively harder.”

For $64, this challenging puzzle can be at your house in just a few weeks. But there’s no telling how long it could take you to complete, which may, in fact, be exactly the type of time-consuming project you’re looking for right now.

Want more? There’s also this fun clear puzzle to try from Etsy seller Little Flower Pot Shop. It, too, is meant to be hard, but also comes in different sizes, so puzzlers can work their way up from easy to super-tough.