There are 12 bookstores for less than 200 residents.

By Erika Owen
February 01, 2017
Spanish town with tons of bookstores
Credit: canduela/Flickr

There must be something about medieval towns and bookstores that go hand-in-hand. First it was the Literary Man Hotel in Óbidos, Portugal—which has more than 45,000 books for sale—and now we've got Urueña, Spain. Both towns have been around for centuries, and both have extensive options if you're looking for a good read.

Spanish town with tons of bookstores
Credit: Álvaro Remesal Royo/Flickr; maymonides/Flickr

There are less than 200 people living in this village, which you can reach by driving two hours northwest from Madrid. Today, you can find 12 bookstores within the town limits. While that may not seem like a ton, keep in mind how many people actually live there. According to All That Is Interesting, each store has its own theme—some focus on the local history, others on children's books. There's even one completely dedicated to bullfighting.

Spanish town with tons of bookstores

You can even learn the art of bookmaking in Urueña. The town holds an artisan bookbinding workshop that invites people to create their own books—spine, cover, pages, and all. There's also an institute in the area that hosts classes on ancient calligraphy, specifically medieval techniques.

In 2007, Urueña joined the International Organization of Book Towns and is currently the only one you can find in Spain.