Find Your Next Read Thanks to This Website That Matches Books and Destinations

Daydreaming about a destination? This site will help you find the perfect book to satisfy your wanderlust.

The pandemic has forced most us to find other ways to satisfy our wanderlust, but fortunately, our minds can travel even as our feet stay put.

It’s no secret that books open up new worlds, but what if you could search for a page-turning read set specifically in whatever far-flung place you’re dreaming about? Head to to do exactly that. The website matches books and locations: Search any destination in the TripFiction database and find a list of novels set there.

Had to postpone your bucket-list trip to Bali? You’ll find recommendations like "Eat Pray Love," sure, but also gems like "Earth Dance" and "Island Secrets." Missing that yearly jaunt to Bermuda? Crack open a copy of "Black Moonlight." Daydreaming of the Algarve? Satiate your longing with "300 Days of Sun." Curious about North Korea? You won’t be able to put down "Star of the North."

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Search for books set in Africa, and you’ll find authors like Chigozie Obioma and Ngugi wa Thiong’o; type in New York City, and you’ll find classics like "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" and "The Bell Jar" — you can even narrow your search by borough, from the Bronx to Queens.

Best of all, TripFiction helps you hop from place and time. In addition to details like genre, author, and location, the site lists the era in which the book is set, whether that’s 1920s Paris or Mars in the year 2196.

So, whether you’re wishing you could explore new places and revisit old favorites, seeking relevant books to read on your next adventure for an even more immersive travel experience, or wanting to learn about far-flung places you’ve dreamed of visiting, TripFiction makes it easy to transport yourself with a literary journey that’s a suitable stand-in.

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