Richard Branson Hurricane Irma Relief Caribbean British Virgin Islands
Credit: Courtesy of Virgin

Sir Richard Branson has been very busy over the last few weeks.

Not only has the Virgin founder and CEO been doing what he can for hurricane relief in the Caribbean, but he’s also still been an active participant in his day job — and releasing a new book.

“We will be back in the U.S. soon to launch my new autobiography, ‘Finding My Virginity,’” Branson wrote in a new blog post. He added that he already had a sneak peek at the U.S. version of the book, which has a different cover than the U.K. version. “It’s a more playful picture, and I think it highlights how fun has always been high on the agenda on my travels in the U.S.”

In the post, Branson details a few of his favorite travel moments in the United States including the time he hurtled “down the side of a Vegas casino with Virgin America to battling bigger airlines with Virgin Atlantic.”

But even while promoting his book Branson made it clear that his priority right now is assisting in the aid efforts for the Caribbean following both hurricane Irma and hurricane Maria.

“I’ve just been back to the BVI again, but while communications are still limited I am able to be more useful in mobilising support online and on the phone,” Branson explained, noting that he will deploy the assistance of OneWeb, a satellite constellation that his group is a founding investing partner in, which could have a “big positive impact on this in the future by providing high-speed internet access.” Branson added, “A big lesson of this whole period has been the challenges of losing communications after disasters.”

Beyond bringing attention to the Caribbean (and plugging his book just a little), Branson has also used these natural disasters to highlight the need for meaningful change toward climate change.

As Branson explained in an interview, “Generally in the Caribbean there is no more than one hurricane every 10 to 12 years. We’ve had three so are this year and a couple of near misses and I’m here at the climate change talks to go and thump the table and say, ‘Look, enough is enough. We've all got to pull together and turn our world into a world run by clean energy. Or else we’re going to find that year after year these events become worse and worse.’”

The very active businessman added in an interview with CNN, “Climate change is real. Ninety-nine percent of scientists know it's real. The whole world knows it's real except for maybe one person in the White House."