By Cailey Rizzo
November 10, 2016
Emma Watson Hiding Feminist Books On NYC Subway
Credit: Getty Images

Emma Watson is hiding feminist literature in New York City.

After distributing copies of Maya Angelou’s “Mom&Me&Mom” in London’s underground last week, Watson did the same in the New York subway on Wednesday.

The UN Women Global Goodwill Ambassador hid another 100 copies of the book throughout the NYC subway system with Books on the Subway, a program that distributes free reading materials to New Yorkers on their commutes. So far, the books have been hidden inside poles on the platform, on a ledge at the teller’s desk and inside Grand Central Terminal.

Inside of each book, Watson has left a handwritten note, telling readers to take care of the book and to pass it on to someone else when they are done.

Watson picked the Angelou book for November and December reading for her online feminist book club, “Our Shared Shelf.” Watson said the book describes not only Angelou’s “evolution as a black woman but also in her feminist perspective, her independence and self-awareness, all of which contributed to her unique way of looking at the world.”

Watson had been subtly supporting Clinton in the lead-up to the election. Last month she tweeted, “The next president will be able to make decisions about women, about their bodies, about how they are treated at work, on university campuses and at school, about how men treat women and about their rights as citizens. These decisions affect how young people form their ideas of gender.”

After the results of the election came in, she said that she was “going to fight even harder for all the things I believe in.”