Help put together an exhibit featuring original drawings, manuscripts, and never-before-seen items from the series.

Harry Potter Festival Job British Library England
Credit: Artyom Geodakyan/TASS via Getty Images

Harry Potter fans, listen up: The British Library is creating a new exhibit in London that will offer visitors a glimpse at rare and never-before-seen items from J.K. Rowling. And they're hiring.

The British Library currently has a job opening for a regional creative producer who will be in charge of creating a version of the anticipated opening to be shared across 21 public libraries across the United Kingdom.

The chosen candidate for the part-time job will produce Harry Potter displays, install panels in various locations, work with a team to create overall exhibition themes, and help put together events throughout the U.K.

Besides having knowledge of Harry Potter, candidates should also have experience working with public libraries and putting on or curating exhibitions. About 13 million people total visit the partner public libraries where the work will be displayed, according to the British Library.

“We anticipate a rich approach using our Harry Potter content and potential digital components,” the job description reads.

Applications for the job opening can be submitted until May 19.