The Best Comic Book Stores in the U.S.

Vault of Midnight Ann Arbor Michigan
Photo: Courtesy of Vault of Midnight

It's that time of year again, when comic fans, costumed characters, and film buffs descend on San Diego, California. That's right. It's Comic-Con. And in honor of the biggest comics convention of the year, we're highlighting the best comic book stores all across the U.S. From Florida's Emerald City to Washington's Arcane Comics, these are the best places to find all the DC and Marvel your heart desires.

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25. Time Warp Comics and Cards

Time Warp Comics and Cards Boulder California
Courtesy of Time Warp Comics and Games

Boulder, Colorado

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24. Comicazi

Comicazi Somerville Massachusetts
Courtesy of Comicazi

Somerville, Massachusetts

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23. Emerald City

Emerald City Clearwater Florida
Courtesy of Emerald City

Clearwater, Florida

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22. AlleyCat Comics

AlleyCat Comics Chicago Illinois
Mike D. via Yelp; Pauline M. via Yelp

Chicago, Illinois

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21. Local Heroes

Local Heroes Norfolk Virginia
Courtesy of Local Heroes

Norfolk, Virginia

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20. Recycled Books Records CDs

Recycled Books Records CDs Denton Texas
Dan H via Yelp

Denton, Texas

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19. Gotham City Comics and Collectibles

Gotham City Comics and Collectibles Mesa Arizona
Courtesy of Gotham City Comics and Collectibles

Mesa, Arizona

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18. Comikaze and Toys

Comikaze and Toys Goodyear Arizona
Brandon J. via Yelp; Daniel B. via Yelp

Goodyear, Arizona

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17. The Outer Limits

The Outer Limits Waltham Massachusetts
Amy G via Yelp

Waltham, Massachusetts

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16. Dragon's Lair

Dragon's Lair Mililani Hawaii
Lofa L. via Yelp; Martin A. via Yelp

Mililani, Hawaii

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15. Arcane Comics

Arcane Comics Shoreline Washington
Marie B via Yelp

Shoreline, Washington

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14. Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse

Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Missy M via Yelp

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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13. Tate's Comics

Tates Comics Lauderhill Florida
Courtesy of TATE'S Comics + Toys + More

Lauderhill, Florida

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12. Bedrock City Comic Company

Bedrock City Comic Company Houston Texas
Chris M. via Yelp; Bedrock City Comic Company via Yelp

Houston, Texas

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11. Action City Comics and Toys

Action City Comics Federal Way Washington
Warren C via Yelp

Federal Way, Washington

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10. Vault of Midnight

Vault of Midnight Ann Arbor Michigan
Courtesy of Vault of Midnight

Ann Arbor, Michigan

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9. Tribe Comics & Games

Tribe Comics and Games Austin Texas
Courtesy of Tribe Comics & Games

Austin, Texas

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8. MaximuM Comics

Maximum Comics Las Vegas Nevada
Martin F. via Yelp; Robert C. via Yelp

Las Vegas, Nevada

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7. Adventures Underground

Adventures Underground
Courtesy of Adventures Underground

Richland, Washington

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6. Alternate Reality Comics

Alternate Reality Comics Las Vegas Nevada
Courtesy of Alternate Reality Comics

Las Vegas, Nevada

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5. Drawn To Comics

Drawn to Comics Glendale Arizona
Courtesy of Drawn to Comics

Glendale, Arizona

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4. Comics Factory

Comics Factory Pasadena California
Courtesy of Comics Factory

Pasadena, California

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3. Hypno Comics

Hypno Comics Ventura California
Courtesy of Hypno Comics

Ventura, California

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2. Speros' Heroes

Speros' Heroes Canoga Park California
PJ R via Yelp; Hank K via Yelp

Canoga Park, California

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1. Third Eye Comics

Third Eye Comics Annapolis Maryland
Courtesy of Third Eye Comics

Annapolis, Maryland

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