By Molly Hannon
June 15, 2015
Berlin Food Art Week
Credit: Uli Westphal

On June 19th, the German capital of Berlin will host its inaugural Food Art Week. The first of its kind, the weeklong festival will bring together artists from around the globe to exhibit work that explores the intersections between food and art.

Spearheaded by Tainá Guedes (pictured), the founder of Berlin’s Entretempo Kitchen Gallery, an interdisciplinary art space dedicated to researching food in a cultural and design context, the festival is an extension of Entretempo’s mission—to explore the social and political implications surrounding food.

For Guedes, art can be a continuation of what happens in the kitchen. Concern over how food is produced, distributed, and in some cases wasted, is the underlying theme of the festival.

Tokyo-based artist Satoshi Fujiwara’s exhibition “In Vitro Garden” will explore how organisms are artificially replicated and controlled, while Marie-Laure Brochard, a young French artist in Berlin, will remove objects from their daily consumption and place them in peculiar (often ironic) works of art.

Other exhibits include Kate Hers Rhee’s “Fleischfreude Self-Portrait,” an aggressive reinterpretation of Lady Gaga’s meat dress—incorporating food as material and examining it in relationship to other emotions. Mutlimedia artist Kasia Juska will recreate the sounds of making a meal, which could be mistaken as a tease—except that an actual meal will follow her show.

Much like this year’s Milan Expo, but on a much smaller scale, BFAW hopes to widen the conversation about food’s pivotal role in our lives, and how art can transcend various issues related to food and consumption.

The festival will run more than 60 events from June 19 through June 26 at select galleries, market halls, and restaurants throughout the city. Tickets can be purchased on the Berlin Food Art’s facebook page.