By Melissa Locker
November 28, 2015

For those without the funds, time, and/or energy to make it to Australia's Symbio Wildlife Park, don't fret! The indescrible joy of seeing its most adorable resident, baby koala Imogen, is now available for all with an Wi-Fi connection to see. To celebrate Imogen's first birthday, the Australian animal center released a video of her first-ever photo shoot, which was taken soon after she came to the park. It's all but guaranteed to warm your heart, even on a cold November day.

While baby koalas, called joeys like their marsupial cousins the kangaroos, are generally adorable, Imogen seems to be especially cute. To mark her fame and birthday celebration, the zoo also put together a video of Imogen's most memorable moments where she can be seen cuddling with her koala foster mum, as well as the zookeepers who bottle-fed her until she was old enough to eat eucalyptus leaves.

The koala joey has graduated to living in the Sydney zoo’s koala sanctuary where visitors can come see her in real life along with almost as adorable red pandas, sugar gliders, echidnas, and more.

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