Einfuehrung des Erste-Klasse-"Senator"-Dienstes. En Koch Steward sorgte für das leibliche Wohl der Fluggaeste (1958) Foto: LH-Bildarchiv / Lufthansa: 1958 CHD 411-5-2
Credit: Lufthansa Archive

When it comes to understanding luxury travel, Nina Flohr arguably knows best—the creative director of VistaJet, which promises "the benefits of a private jet without the responsibility of aircraft ownership," is, after all, expanding her resume to include hotelier and author. In collaboration with Assouline, Flohr has released The Art of Flying—a coffee table book looking to get people to fall in love with air travel all over again.

The book is filled with information about the evolution of aviation from its inception—through air travel’s golden age in the 1960s, and up until the present. The book is the picture of sophistication: its pages are filled with crisp black and white vintage photos of celebrities descending from private jet stairs, to vibrant shots of ultra-luxe jet interiors, to a collection of illustrated airline postcards. Here, Flohr gives some expert advice on combatting jet lag—as well as a few details on her new hotel in Mozambique.

What inspired The Art of Flying?

To date, I have not found an existing publication that celebrates the cultural impact aviation has had on society over the last century. From architecture to fashion, the topic of travel is very colorful. I wanted to highlight a selection of references that have inspired my work to date at VistaJet. This book is intended to inspire and remind readers how wonderful and romantic it is to travel.

What are your tips for beating jet lag?

Hot water with lemon at all times and well as essential oils like lavender to ease the effects of traveling. Upon landing, I recommend a long steam or a very hot bath to reignite the circulatory system.

What are your carry-on essentials?

I always bring Bowers and Wilkins headphones, cashmere socks, and an oversized scarf. While on board I constantly drink water and never consume any alcohol.

Switching topics: What’s the latest on your new resort in Mozambique?

It’s projected to open in Spring 2016, The overall architectural concept promotes local and sustainable materials where possible. We are also implementing a marine research facility which will be a platform dedicated to conservation through fieldwork science.

What's next on your travel itinerary?

I currently travel regularly to Mozambique to oversee the development; however will be spending the holiday season in New Zealand.