The video shows five years of construction in two minutes.

Credit: Getty Images

It took more than a decade to build, but the striking new transportation hub under New York City’s World Trade Center, called the Oculus, finally celebrated its ribbon cutting on May 26. To commemorate the historic moment, EarthCam released a time-lapse movie showing the entire five-year construction in two minutes.

To create the incredible video, editors looked at over one million hi-res photos and panoramas and edited them into a movie. “Unique and impressive designs like the Oculus are defining 21st-century architecture, and my hope is this movie acts as a time capsule of our innovative culture,” said Brian Cury, CEO and founder of EarthCam, on the YouTube page.

In a statement, Port Authority Executive Director Pat Foye said, "The Hub will be a vibrant transit center and tourist destination with an extensive transportation network in the revitalized Lower Manhattan.”