If you thought making buildings out of wood meant log cabins, think again. This Finnish wood manufacturer wants to take lumber to new heights.

By Melanie Lieberman
June 19, 2015
Credit: Metsä Group

Imagine a world in which the most iconic buildings—think the Roman Colosseum, the Empire State Building—were made of natural wood. That’s exactly what Metsä Wood, a Finnish fine woods supplier, did.

Along with world-renowned architects like Michael Green, the Metsä Wood team redesigned some of the most prominent stone and steel landmarks into striking woodworks. It’s all part of the company's “Plan B” campaign, which aims to disrupt common conceptions about urban construction and design.

“I believe that the future belongs to tall wooden buildings,” says Green, who believes these modern log cabins could help address rapid urbanization and climate change.

Green adds that the material is fast to construct, light, and surprisingly fireproof. It’s also easier on the environment than the most commonly used methods.

If Plan B goes according to, well, plan, your city skyline might start looking a bit more rustic than usual.

Credit: Metsä Group
Credit: Metsä Group