Take a Virtual Tour of the White House While You're Stuck at Home

It's time for a trip to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Take a trip to our nation's capital without tearing yourself away from your couch.

While a trip to the White House is certainly a unique experience in person, a virtual tour can be just as incredible. Thanks to Google Arts & Culture, you can enjoy a walk through the most famous residence in the U.S. online.

Oval Office interior at the White House
An intererior view of the Oval Office at the White House, empty of people during the George W Bush Administration. The Oval Office is the official office of the President of the United States. Located in the West Wing of the White House, the elliptical-shaped office features three large south-facing windows behind the president's desk and a fireplace at the north end of the room. Brooks Kraft LLC/Corbis via Getty Images

Google Arts & Culture is a treasure trove of art, history, and cultural tours that are not only useful for people who are social distancing due to the coronavirus outbreak, but they're also interesting at any time. This site allows you to view some of the world's most famous artworks by taking virtual tours of hundreds of museums. Enjoy a nature walk in a national park. Or, you can even take a royal tour of some of the most historic castles in the world.

The White House is a particularly unique tour because it is actually the only " private residence of a head of state that is open to the public, free of charge," according to Google Arts & Culture.

The Executive office building tour, which is accessible via Street View, shows you many rooms in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building beyond the Oval Office, including the Vice President's Ceremonial Office, the Secretary of War suite, and the library. You can also view the historical artwork (including official portraits of the former heads of state, pottery, and sculptures on display) in the White House and see its unique decor. On top of this being a visually-stimulating tour, it also offers history and interesting facts about everything you can see.

Street View makes it possible to explore the interiors and exteriors of the White House as well. Once you're done perusing the historic offices, you can find how it feels to virtually be standing on the White House lawn.

For more information or to take a tour yourself, visit the Google Arts & Culture website.

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