By Erika Owen
August 30, 2016
Credit: LightRocket via Getty Images

Bangkok's tallest skyscraper was formally introduced on Monday with an incredible light show.

It's called the MahaNakhon, and it was designed by Ole Scheeren—the same architect behind Beijing's iconic CCTV tower and The Interlace building in Singapore. The forward-thinking aesthetic of this new structure does not disappoint.

Credit: Getty Images

Various levels of the building stick out of the silhouette, giving the entire high-rise a pixilated feel. CNN has a great interview with the architect on the cultural Thai elements included in the design: "Bangkok revealed itself as a place co-existing simultaneously between a presence of an incredibly strong past, and yet a commitment to a very futuristic and fearless relationship to urbanity.”

There's no official word on what exactly will take up the 77 floors of this newcomer, but there will be residencies (the word is Ritz-Carlton will be the hotelier behind these homes) and you can call one your own starting at about $1.2 million.

The most expensive residences, however, are rumored to be going for upwards of $17,000,000, making it one of the most expensive places to live in Bangkok. There will also be a retail space, hotel, bars, restaurants, and an observation deck.

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