These Designers Just Created the Perfect Park for Social Distancing

Studio Precht in Austria has a vision for what post-coronavirus parks might look like.

Park design concept for Social Distancing
Photo: Courtesy of Studio Precht

We all know that keeping our distance is crucial right now. Due to the coronavirus, it’s vital people stay a safe physical distance away from others in what is known as “social distancing.” However, we also know that getting fresh air and exercise is equally important to our overall well being. Because of this, landscape designers are dreaming up creative spaces we can all use safely in the future.

Studio Precht, a design house in Austria, created a wholly new idea of what a vacant plot in Vienna could look like with social distancing in the great outdoors.

Park design concept for Social Distancing
Courtesy of Studio Precht

Known as “Parc de la Distance,” the design studio laid out a plan for a geometric maze-like pattern that closes in on the center of a circle. Each one is lined with massive shrubs to resemble a human fingerprint.

"Like a fingerprint, parallel lanes guide visitors through the undulating landscape. Every lane has a gateway on the entrance and exit, which indicates if the path is occupied or free to stroll. The lanes are distanced 240cm from each other and have a 90cm wide hedge as a division," designer Chris Precht explained in a statement.

He added, along the path, visitors would walk along “reddish granite gravel.” Though the hedges would keep people physically distanced, Precht added that they may be able to hear footsteps crunching on the ground.

“Each individual journey is about 600m [1,968 feet] long,” he said. “The height of the planters varies along this journey and gives different levels to the hedges throughout the park. Sometimes visitors are fully immersed by nature, other times they emerge over the hedge and can see across the garden. But at all times, they keep a safe physical distance to each other.”

Park design concept for Social Distancing
Courtesy of Studio Precht

All these features, the team added, could prove very beneficial in our brave new world if this idea ever becomes reality.

“[The park] offers something very unique for bustling urban areas: A brief time of solitude. A temporary seclusion from the public. A moment to think, to meditate or just to walk alone through nature.”

See more of Studio Precht's project on Instagram.

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