This Plaza in Italy Is Perfectly Designed for Social Distancing

Piazza Giotto in Vicchio got the perfect makeover for social distancing.

StoDistante social distance plaza
Photo: Francesco Noferini, Courtesy of Caret Studio

As more people are recognizing the importance of social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic, cities are finding new ways to make it easier for people to know how close they're getting to each other.

After all, it's not always easy to know what six feet of distance looks like, especially in crowded urban spaces. To make things simpler, some cities have opted for making markers and signs for people to know where to stand if they're out and about.

In Italy, the town of Vicchio, near Florence, has found a way to show people how to keep their distance in the town's plaza without ruining its classic, aesthetic appeal.

According to Time Out, design firm Caret Studio has installed white, painted squares on the stone cobbles of Piazza Giotto in Vicchio to show people how to keep a safe distance. As lockdown measures are slowly eased throughout the country (and the world), it's still important for people to maintain social distancing in order to prevent a second wave of the virus' spread. Since more people are starting to leave their homes for the first time in months (other than necessary trips), the installation is a subtle way to remind people to stay safe.

Caret Studio is calling the temporary installation "StoDistante" ("I'm keeping my distance"), according to Time Out. Each white square is placed 1.8 meters (about six feet) away from each other, complying with social distancing guidelines for Italy. People can easily stand on each square and safely socialize with each other without all the guesswork.

StoDistante social distance plaza in Italy
Francesco Noferini, Courtesy of Caret Studio

Not only are the white squares helpful, but they also are so perfectly placed that they don't compete with the plaza's natural beauty.

social distance chart
Francesco Noferini, Courtesy of Caret Studio

Across the world, people and even whole cities and countries are finding ways to show people how to properly social distance. In Singapore, the public parks are looking toward technology by employing the help of a yellow, four-legged "dog" robot to remind people to give others space. In Austria, designers came up with the perfect park for social distancing, which looks like a geometric labyrinth.

It's clear that as this pandemic continues, more and more people are thinking of innovative ways for people to find some normalcy while staying safe.

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