Residents will be able to program their apartments to move with the sun.

By Talia Avakian
February 15, 2017

Already home to the world’s biggest indoor theme park and the world’s tallest building, Dubai may also soon be home to the world’s first rotating skyscraper.

Envisioned by David Fischer of architecture firm, Dynamic Group, the structure would include apartments that can rotate 360 degrees, moving independently through voice activated command controls that allow you to adjust the speed or stop the movement.

Residents can program their apartments to move with the sun, so they get sunlight throughout the day.

Fischer announced the concept in 2008, however the proposal was canceled and brought back on several times in the last few years. Last year, the architecture firm told What's On that construction was once again planned for the project with a planned opening date of 2020 in Dubai.

It's also the world’s first pre-fabricated skyscraper, meaning each of the apartment units would be built separately and connected to the building’s core through detachable valves. Residents would enter their apartments on an elevator through the core, before stepping onto the slow rotating floors of each unit.

Each apartment will cost $30 million, and run on energy provided by wind turbines created in between each of the floors.

An official announcement has yet to be made on the start of the construction.