By Corina Quinn
April 21, 2015
Q&A with Founders of Neuehouse
Credit: Courtesy of Neuehouse

With the launch of the David Rockwell–designed NeueHouse in New York, tech investors Abram and Murray upended the concept of co-working. Instead of spare desks populated by nascent start-up founders, they built a members-only club for boldfaced creatives, complete with screening rooms, broadcast studios, and private dining areas. With outposts in L.A. and London on the way and more in their sights, Abram and Murray average 100 days a year on the road. Here’s how they do it.

Must-pack items:

JA: Running shoes and gym clothes. Exercising while traveling is key to maintaining one’s sanity.

Carry-on vs. checked bag:

JA: I check everything because I hate to feel like a Sherpa walking through airports. Alan is an abstemious packer and reminds me of the error of my ways with each turn of the luggage carousel.

Favorite airport:

JA: Amsterdam Schiphol was an early innovator in thinking about the potential of an airport as an experience, rather than just a functional transit point. In addition to upgraded food and shopping, there’s an annex of the Rijksmuseum. I also like Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic—its thatched-roof arrivals hall quickly puts me in a Caribbean frame of mind.

Best airport lounge:

AM: I love a room that’s thoughtfully designed and tranquil, and showers are always great, particularly after a long flight. Virgin Atlantic’s Clubhouse at JFK is a winner with its fun serpentine bar, Bumble & Bumble salon, and wool-lined “cavities” in the wall, which are great places to decompress.

Preferred airline cabin:

JA: For New York to London, Virgin Upper Class is great. We also like the Prem Plus on OpenSkies between New York and Paris—almost as good as business class, but at a fraction of the cost.

Top travel apps:

JA: Flightstats (Android; iOS) for real-time information on delays and gate changes. Onavo (Android; iOS) to help manage data consumption abroad. Google Goggles (Android) to quickly figure out the story behind that intriguing-looking building in an unfamiliar city.

Biggest travel annoyance:

AM: Wireless fees at hotels. Will those who impose these charges never realize how much goodwill they lose? Pack your own AT&T Unite Mobile Hotspot—which provides a 4G Internet connection for you and up to 10 colleagues—and be done with this hassle forever.

Red-eye survival tactic:

AM: Don’t do a red-eye while sitting in a coach seat. Ever. Life is too short—and the recovery too long.