The Most Haunted House in Ireland Is Now Up for Sale — and It Comes With a Private Beach

The historic mansion comes with 63 acres of land — and at least two ghosts.

Loftus Hall Mansion in New Ross, Ireland
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Your dream mansion could be all yours, as long as you don’t mind some unconventional roommates.

Loftus Hall, which is considered one of the most haunted houses in Ireland, is now up for sale, Time Out reported. The current owners are asking for €2.5 million ($2.89 million USD) for the palatial, 27,000-square-foot home, plus 63 acres of land (including a private beach).

Loftus Hall Mansion in New Ross, Ireland

Located near the town of Wexford, the building, besides being a truly historic and beautiful home, is also the source of many scary stories over the centuries, according to Time Out. Current owners Shane and Aidan Quigley took it over in 2011 and renovated it to open to the public. But other than the current owners, it’s also home to some famous “residents.”

The most popular tale involved a “dark stranger” who approached the home during the time when it was owned by the Tottenham family, in the 18th century, according to Time Out. The hall is apparently haunted by a young woman, presumably Lady Anne Tottenham, who died after suffering the shock of discovering this visitor was not a human at all, but a supernatural being with “cloven hooves.” The stranger then disappeared, leaving a hole in the roof.

The visitor, often being labeled as “the devil” is also said to haunt the halls, according to Time Out. Though there have been no proven hauntings before Loftus Hall was turned into a tourist attraction, film makers made a popular documentary about the home, The Legend of Loftus Hall, and it has been featured on many ghost-hunting travel shows, like Ghost Adventures. It is also said to be the inspiration for Fowl Manor in the Artemis Fowl book series.

Loftus Hall Mansion in New Ross, Ireland

If you decide this is your dream home, the Georgian mansion is equipped with 22 rooms for you and your guests to explore, or even come into contact with a spectral visitor.

Potential new owners can email for more information about buying the mansion. Loftus Hall is also open for ghost tours and “paranormal lockdowns,” though, currently, masks are required due to coronavirus safety guidelines.

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