"The Playing Field"
Credit: © Joe Johnson

In a new photo series, artist Joe Johnson showcases Reno, Nevada’s casinos like you’ve never seen them before. By photographing the locations early in the morning, Johnson captures a few calm moments before the daily gambling commences in the labyrinth-like spaces.

Five years in the making, “The Playing Field” juxtaposes dark, over-the-top images of the gambling rooms with overexposed shots accentuating the searing sunlight of a Reno morning.

Through his images, it’s easy to see how someone could get lost in these mirrored mazes, even when there aren’t groups of people to navigate around. When the adrenaline is pumping and money’s on the mind, taking note of your surroundings isn’t necessarily high on the list. Thankfully we’ve got Johnson’s photos to appreciate.

Erika Owen is the audience engagement editor at T+L.