Ikea Recreated the Living Rooms From Your Favorite TV Shows

And you can even buy similar versions to do it yourself.

Ikea Real Life Series - TV Living Rooms Recreated
Photo: Courtesy of Ikea

Now's your chance to recreate your favorite couch gag in real life.

While Ikea creates some excellent pieces for college students and people who are basically always on the move, their latest ad campaign is aimed at TV lovers in particular.

According to Ad Age, Ikea has created three new ways to completely escape into your favorite TV shows besides binge watching them all night on Netflix and Hulu.

The Ikea Real Life series takes three popular shows, "The Simpsons," "Friends," and "Stranger Things," and recreates the iconic living rooms from each show using all Ikea furniture. While these shows aren't exactly the Scandinavian design ideal, you'd be surprised at how uncannily close Ikea gets to the original living spaces.

And the best part is that you can actually purchase every item in the series, according to Metro. However, the marketing campaign is only available in the United Arab Emirates, so not all of the items featured in the series are available worldwide.

But, the series does utilize some favorite Ikea items like an orange KNISLINGE sofa for the Simpson's home, BILLY bookcase's for Joyce's house, and a blonde wood LACK table for Monica's apartment. We know, the ultra-modern finishes and strange sounding furniture names are a far cry from Monica's eclectic, vintage collection of furniture on the show. But it works.

Ikea Real Life Series - TV Living Rooms Recreated
Courtesy of Ikea

Each room touches on a particular function as well. "The Simpson's" living room is the "Room for Families," Monica's apartment is the "Room for Mates," and Joyce's living room is the "Room for Everyone." We suppose that includes monsters from the Upside Down.

Eduardo Marques, CCO of Publicis/PublicisEmil/Wysiwyg/Nurun, told Ad Age that the goal of the campaign was to call attention to the huge catalog of Ikea products.

"The curious thing [we discovered] is that, actually, you can really find anything at Ikea," Marques told Ad Age. He said that there were at least three options for each item they had to replace in each room, so even if the piece you need to recreate the room you want isn't available, you still have lots of choices no matter where you live in the world.

While the ad campaign will be primarily seen in the Middle East, the rooms can be seen online and on social media. Each room has its own special page with links for all the products featured, so you can create the rooms yourself at home, too.

Ikea Real Life Series - TV Living Rooms Recreated
Courtesy of Ikea

And once you've finally recreated Monica's apartment in real life, maybe you can find your very own real-life Central Perk too. We can dream.

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