This Company Will Send You a Chic Tiny Cabin You Can Build Yourself and Bring Anywhere

Your vacation home dreams may not be so far out of reach.

Everyone is hunting for the perfect socially distant adventure. For those willing, that dream can be a reality: All it takes is a few nails, a hammer, and some sweat equity.

Hello Wood, a Budapest-based company, is bringing together the tiny house and outdoor movements with its newest product, the Kabinka. The entire build comes delivered in a flat package that you assemble yourself in your own yard, the woods, or anywhere you’re allowed.

Cabin in the woods
Courtesy of Hello Wood

“Be it a weekend retreat or private workstation, you can’t go wrong with our cabin design,” the company explained on its website. “While designing our newest product, we focused on creating a compact yet versatile space that comes with an affordable price tag. Tiny house movement has been growing rapidly for the past years and if you prioritize sustainable living, simple and compact lifestyle then this cabin is for you.”

Cabin in the woods at night
Courtesy of Hello Wood

The tiny structure comes in four different sizes ranging between 12 and 20 square meters (about 129 to 215 square feet). Each one, the company says, can fit a kitchenette, desk, couch, and stove, but really, what you put in your little building is up to you.

Cabin in the woods exterior
Courtesy of Hello Wood

“Spatial quality isn't necessarily characterized by big size, rather deliberate complexity,” the company added. “Each and every millimeter counts but we believe that for those who share this level of consciousness it is not a challenge but joy to spend their time in a minimalist home.”

Cabin in the woods
Courtesy of Hello Wood

Hello Wood did note their structures are ideal for spring through fall but may not be an ideal space to call home in the colder months.

The homes come with instructions, but if you aren’t up for the job, the company will also help you find on-site help for the build. There are also several extras customers can choose from, including partition walls, bathrooms, electrical work, and more. But really, at this point, isn’t a tiny space made up of just four plain walls somewhere outside your house enough?

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