These Are the Cities With the Most Beautiful Homes in Europe, According to Pinterest Data

Paris took the top spot by a landslide.

If you've ever felt enamored by French décor, mesmerized by Italian marble, or inspired by Scandinavian minimalism, you're not alone. With more people than ever looking for ways to bring a piece of the world into their homes, there's an endless number of cities and countries that can serve as your #homegoals, whether you've visited or not.

With that in mind, mortgage comparison platform decided to narrow down your search for inspiration by looking into Europe's most picturesque homes. The company conducted a study using Pinterest data to determine where design fans find the most beautiful homes in Europe. After all, people love to pin their favorite decor ideas for future reference.

This is a photo of beautiful buildings in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
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First, Uswitch scavenged the internet for blogs, articles, and more to create a top 40 list made up of the European cities with the most picturesque homes. From there, the company searched Pinterest for boards titled "[city] home" to ensure they weren't including irrelevant boards. The number of boards and pins per city were counted. Last but not least, the cities were ranked based on the number of boards dedicated to their properties.

Street view of the elegant facade of an old apartment building in a residential neighborhood of Paris. Vintage style photo.
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According to this Pinterest-based data, Paris takes the top spot for most beautiful homes in Europe. Winning by a landslide, Uswitch found 955 boards with 47,882 pins dedicated to Parisian homes that blend historic architecture with modern decor and bold color palettes.

Modern residential buildings in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg
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Coming in at No. 2 is another capital city: Berlin. Known for its eclectic, edgy, and artistic style, Berlin embraces urbanism in the look of its homes. This German city had a total of 256 boards and 17,825 dedicated pins.

Rounding out the top three is Amsterdam with 180 Pinterest boards. Canal houses, modern interior design, and intricate facades are all par for the course with these Dutch-inspired Pinterest boards that amassed more than 9,670 pins.

To check out the full results of the study and get started on your own European-inspired home décor Pinterest board, click here.

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