This Hobbit House on Etsy Is Perfect for Backyard Vacations

Hobbit House on Etsy
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Sometimes getting on a plane for a round the world vacation just isn't feasible. But, that doesn't mean you shouldn't take time off and enjoy yourself somewhere magical anyway. That's where this adorable hobbit house made just for backyard adventures comes in.

Creating fantastical places in your own yard is possible thanks to this teeny, hobbit house kit available on Etsy. The kit comes complete with wood, cedar, and pine as well as curved beams for construction. It comes with pre-built panels, all the components you'd needs, as well as easy-to-follow assembly instructions. According to its listing, its floor base dimensions measure 10 feet by 6 feet, with a floor to ceiling height of 5-feet-5-inches, making it an ideal spot for a children's play room, slumber party spot, or even a little getaway for adult alone time (everyone needs a good reading nook, right?).

Hobbit House on Etsy
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The hobbit house starts at $2,995, without finish roofing, though it does come with a roof deck, but buyers must purchase and install their own exterior roofing. The hobbit house kit also comes unpainted, but that's OK as you can then customize the colors to either match your existing home or give your backyard some colorful flare.

"This house is AMAZING! We were able to get it completely put together in four days. The kids have been in there ever since," one reviewer wrote. "This kit couldn't be easier to put together. It is exceptionally well made with very thorough instructions. I highly recommend getting all the available upgrades because this Hobbit Hole is going to be around for many generations."

Perhaps the best part of the hobbit home is the fact that it's hand-crafted by a family-owned business in Maine, using sustainably harvested wood from the region.

"We pride ourselves on sourcing materials from local businesses as much as possible, and there is very little waste in our production process," the makers say. So, what are you waiting for? Get your own hobbit house so you can travel to your own personal shire, straight to Middle Earth, or any fantasyland you wish just by stepping foot in your own backyard.

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