Art Deco Plane Cocktail Bar
Credit: Courtesy of Embraer Executive Jets

Private business aircraft manufacturer Embraer Executive Jets has created a new luxury jet, dubbed The Manhattan, which takes passengers back to the 1920s with its Art Deco designs.

Art Deco Plane Interior Design
Credit: Courtesy of Embraer Executive Jets

Created by the company’s vice president of interior design, Jay Beever, and former Disney Imagineer Eddie Sotto, the jet will make you feel as though you’re stepping back in time with its rich mahogany wood panels, brass and gold trimmings, and vibrant jewel tones.

Beever was inspired by the Art Deco interior design of the SS Normandie French ocean liner, and wanted to create a private jet that celebrated the Art Deco history of Manhattan.

Once inside, you’ll notice details like a metallic mural reminiscent of the Empire State Buildings’ well-known art deco mural, vintage furnishings that include sconces and lambskin divans, and a city loft window that was inspired by Jean-Michel Frank’s designs.

Dining On Board Art Deco Jet
Credit: Courtesy of Embraer Executive Jets

Recreational areas include the Cloud Club, a luxurious lounge that’s adorned with décor inspired by the Chrysler building's exterior shape and its dining areas. The space comes complete with a bar, retractable bar stools, and a panoramic loft window for remarkable views.

Cocktail Bar Seating on Art Deco Jet
Credit: Courtesy of Embraer Executive Jets

There are five different cabin zones where you’ll find a master suite and an all-granite shower with its very own window for further viewing opportunities from up high.

View from Art Deco Plane
Credit: Courtesy of Embraer Executive Jets

“The Manhattan is a platform for us to be able to tell about the possibilities in design and the degree of personalization we can get in our aircrafts,” Daniel R. Bachmann of the company's corporate communications told Travel + Leisure.

Besides its sheer beauty, the private jet also comes with advanced technological features that include a flight information screen that allows you to adjust dimmed and mood lighting throughout the aircraft with the movement of your hand.

Art Deco Lamps Jet
Credit: Courtesy of Embraer Executive Jets

The length of the entire cabin spans 84 feet and four inches, while the aircraft has a total interior size of 750 square feet.

The estimated cost for the jet is roughly $80 million.