You can't live in a citizenM, but you can sure make your home feel like one.


Bring the hotel home while we’re all stuck inside.

One of the best feelings about traveling is arriving at your hotel, settling into your room, and just taking a few moments to absorb the ambiance.

At citizenM hotels, this is doubly true. Not only does this hotel chain offer comfortable rooms, but also a creative, colorful atmosphere that guests (and non-guests) can enjoy.

CitizenM Lobby Bar
Credit: Courtesy of CitizenM

But since it’s not possible to visit most citizenM hotels right now, the hip chain now has many ways to get the experience at home.

If you really miss the curated-but-eclectic, sophisticated-yet-humorous style of a citizenM hotel, and you’d like to redecorate your home accordingly, you’re in luck. CitizenM’s in-house stylist Florence is answering all your interior design questions on social media, from how to choose color-combinations to finding your room inspiration. You can easily ask a design question directly on Instagram.

One of the best parts of hanging out in a citizenM bar is the hotel’s signature cocktail. The hotel’s mixologists are now sharing how to create their "Life is an Adventure" cocktail, made with vodka, spiced rum, and coffee liqueur. Get the tutorial by visiting the hotel’s Instagram page.

CitizenM Bar
Credit: Courtesy of CitizenM

Even non-guests can enjoy a citizenM hotel — which is a popular meeting place not just for socializing, but also to work in a comfortable place where you’re free from at-home distractions. If you’re looking to help yourself focus while also staying relaxed, citizenM now has a playlist on Spotify that’s full of elemental indie jams that make perfect background music.

And even kids can get the citizenM experience. Keep your children occupied and entertained by trying out a special DIY craft project from the hotel. This project lets your kids create special “finger shoes." This is in honor of the hotel’s famous greeting that’s printed on all of their locations’ welcome mats that reads, “Nice Shoes.” This printable template, which is available to download for free, lets your kids color their own pair of tiny sneakers, cut them out (with adult supervision), and fold them together for a cool pair of itty-bitty kicks.

For more ways to engage with citizenM, visit the hotel’s website.