Buckingham Palace
Credit: Guida Simoes/Getty Images

Over the last several years, Buckingham Palace, the home of the British royal family, has undergone extensive renovations. Though the project isn’t completed just yet, the palace is giving everyone a glimpse at how the remodel is going. And, man oh man, is it going great.

On Friday, the palace shared a single side-by-side image of the palace’s east wing both before and after the renovations. In the tweet, the palace shared, “Shown here is the Principal Corridor, home to the Centre Room, which leads onto the historic balcony – used by the Royal Family on national occasions.”

The photo showed the old dark red hallway with matching red carpet and drapes next to the much brighter after. In the after photo, the hallway appears to be a sun-filled vision with its seafoam green paint popping with light along with the exposed wood floor. Though it’s unclear if the palace will once again add carpet, we’d like to suggest to Her Majesty that she leaves the floors alone.

Beyond the photo, the palace also shared a behind-the-scenes video of just how “complex” the process of moving historically-important works out of the hallway was.

“Moving historic works of art in a historic interior is always complex but this is really on a very grand scale,” Caroline de Guitaut, senior curator of decorative arts at the Royal Collection Trust, said in the video. “We’re talking about objects from paintings, to porcelain, to furniture, decorative objects, books, etcetera.”

In fact, the move included 200 paintings, 40 chandeliers, 100 mirrors, 30 clocks, and more.

Once the objects are removed, the reservicing of electricity can begin. While the renovations are underway many of the objects moved from the wing will go on display in museums around the United Kingdom.

As Travel + Leisure previously explained, the total renovation of the palace will cost some $500 million. It will also take several more years to complete and isn’t expected to be finished until 2027. But, if this peek inside is any indication, the renovation will be well worth the wait.