If you like it then you should have built a tower after it.

By Nolan Feeney / Time.com and Time.com
July 08, 2015
Credit: theverge.com

Beyoncé’s influence has already been felt in the music business, and now she’s leaving her mark on…architecture? Yup: the singer was an inspiration for a new skyscraper that’s been given planning approval in Melbourne, Australia, according to Dezeen. Specifically, the architectural firm Elenberg Fraser says the curved design of the Premier Tower, which will house 660 apartments and a 160-room hotel, pays homage to Bey’s “Ghost” music video.

Here’s an excerpt from the official description of what might be the most ***flawless building in the world:

See more mock-ups of the building over at the firm’s website, and watch the video that inspired it below:

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