By Money
February 06, 2017

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In the cut-throat world of New York real estate, Lisa Simonsen has made a name for herself making sales for luxury homes.

But one of her most impressive skills is finding multi-million diamonds in the rough and flipping them at a considerable markup.

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"You are really finding some of the most unique properties that are undervalued, that have such great opportunity and potential," Simonsen says.

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The first house Simonsen and her team flipped was a 5,000-sq. foot property acquired for $6 million. After 18 months of work, Simonsen didn’t actually sell the house—she’s been renting it out for $50,000 per month.

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Her latest project is a bare bones property acquired in the “low teens” (meaning millions) that she expects to flip after about a year and a half of work.

"It’s just very exciting to see the end product," she says.