The First Cruise Ship to Touch All Seven Continents Just Set Sail

The trip will take 140 days.

A Silversea ship
A Silversea cruise ship. Photo: Isabel Infantes - PA Images/Getty Images

The world’s first cruise that will touch all seven continents left port from Fort Lauderdale on Monday.

Silversea’s Silver Whisper ship will sail around the world for the next four months until it reaches its final destination of Amsterdam of May 25. During that journey, guests will have visited 62 destinations in 32 different countries on all seven continents.

The Legends of Cruising 2020 cruise is nothing if not luxe. Fares for the 140-day cruise started at $62,000. On the higher end was a $240,000 option for the spacious owner’s suite, the most expensive cruise accommodation in industry history. The ship can carry up to 388 passengers.

To involve all destinations while on board, the ship will be introducing a cocktail program that will personalize drinks for each stop. that will include regional specialties and local ingredients. Cocktail masterclasses will also be offered onboard, so guests can learn how to recreate their favorite drinks when back on land.

The cruise also includes 33 off-shore experiences, including a folkloric ballet performance in Brazil, a candlelit al fresco dinner in the Red Sea desert and a tour of the Royal Yacht Brittania in Scotland. The expedition also includes three days in Antarctica, where guests could spot penguins and seals or explore icebergs.

The ship will make its way south, stopping in San Juan, Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires before exploring Antarctica. It will then back up the west coast of South America, working its way from Chile to Australia. Asian stops include Singapore and Mumbai before heading to Europe, where the cruise will finally finish in May.

It's an exciting time for Silversea as the company will introduce two more epic world cruises for 2021

The Finest World Tour 2021 will be a 150-day journey, visiting 34 countries on six continents, including Easter Island and Venice, Italy. The Uncharted World Tour 2021 will last 167 days and visit 107 different destinations in 30 countries across six continents, including Antarctica.

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