You could be Antarctica's next tour guide.

Chinstrap penguin (Pygoscelis antarctica), Antarctica tourists guide
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There comes a certain point when everybody starts to itch for a change. Everyday life suddenly feels like a monotonous pattern and a career path feels like a doomed destiny.

Then suddenly, lo and behold, a fantastic opportunity — one that didn’t seem even considerable, much less possible — presents itself from out of nowhere.

Get ready. Here it is: Quit your job and start leading expeditions to Antarctica.

Silversea Cruises announced the opening of its training academy, which will teach people the skills they need to lead expeditions around Antarctica aboard one of the cruise line's ships. Once certified and trained, expedition leaders will give lectures, run workshops, and lead visitors in activities designed to deepen their understanding of the southernmost continent.

The program begins with remote training via webinar sessions. Trainees will learn skills like the fundamentals of boat handling, first aid, guest relations, and sea safety.

Silverseas Silver Cloud Expedition Antarctica Cruise Ship Tour
Credit: Courtesy of Silversea Cruises

After completing the remote training, successful trainees will be invited to spend six weeks aboard Silversea Cruises’ newly-refurbished ship, the Silver Cloud, when it sets sail in November for Antarctica. Onboard the ship, trainees will have hands-on training in academics (environmental science, ecology, geology, history, etc.), tour leading, and additional boat handling and safety.

However Antarctica isn’t the only destination for Silversea Expedition Cruises. After completing the Antarctic training, tour leaders could also set sail for the Arctic, the Russian Far East, the South Pacific Islands, Australia, Africa, South America, the Galapagos Islands, or the American West Coast.

"The goal is to attract candidates who are knowledgeable and passionate, and prepare them for an exciting career working aboard a ship that will take them to amazing places where they will guide our guests in understanding the local history, culture, and wildlife,” Conrad Combrink, Silversea’s vice president of expedition planning and strategic development, said in a statement.

Those interested in becoming Arctic leaders should contact Silversea’s manager of expedition product support, Kit van Wagner, at